Upholstery Cleaning

Is your living space starting to look a little gloomy? Sometimes all you need to do is clean your home furnishings to restore it. Top quality furniture needs to be cared for and kept in good condition. With our eco-friendly upholstery cleaning, you can make your home furnishing look like new again.

Upholstery cleaning entails cleaning your couches, cushioned chairs, ottomans, seating pillows, throw pillows, bolsters, bedspreads, drapes, and other furnishings. Small textile items can be hand-washed, machine-washed, or cleaned in a shop. We will, however, come to your home to clean furniture pieces such as a three-sectional sofa. Likewise, it may be more convenient for us to arrive at your home and clean your shutters rather than take them down, clean them, and then re-install them.

Our Process

Step 1 Inspection

It is very important to determine the type of fabric that we will clean in order to choose the safest and most effective type of cleaning for your upholstery.

Step 2 Pre-Treatment

We apply the cleaning product to break up all the soils, dirt and grease, especially where the highest concentration gathers such as: the armrest, seat, backrest and headrest.

Step 3 Agitation

Using the right brushes, we gently scrub all the heavily stained areas by hand. This helps the product to work better and do its job by breaking down the dirt and accumulated grease.

Step 4 Extraction

For the last step, your upholstery will now be rinsed and extracted with our special upholstery tool that leaves a refreshing scent and no residue. Your furniture will be dry and ready to use in just a few hours.

Before & After





Upholstery Cleaning

2M upholstery cleaning services will lighten up and revive your room. Cleaning your upholstery is not only great for its presentation, but it is also good for you and your family’s health. Each and every day pollutants such as dried mud, dust, and pet hair become trapped in the fiber of your sofas and chairs. It doesn’t stop there: add sweat from people, urine from babies, and pet drool to the list. Actually, your upholstery might need to be cleaned right now!

Our Professionals knows how important your family is to you, so you can trust our professionals to clean your upholstery; we will do an effective job. Contact us to find out how we use an efficient upholstery cleaning approach to remove dirt and stains from your sofas, couches, and drapes. During upholstery cleaning services, our experts remove stains, odors, and unwanted pests from most fabrics, including woven interiors, shades, and couches. This service will be offered at your residence, reducing the risk of harm to your upholstery during transportation and ensuring that no chemical smells remain in your home.

2M Carpet Cleaning is the preferred choice for upholstery cleaning services that will leave your interior looking brand new without worrying about the cost!

We use modern technology, environmentally friendly products, and unrivalled know-how to perfectly sanitize your sofa, cushions and bedding leaving them feels and look as fresh and new.

We offer variety of upholstery cleaning services. Our professional experts will renew your upholstered furniture and eliminate years from its appearance. We have fully trained our cleaning professionals to clean a broad range of upholstery fabrics. We will not clean your linen in the same way that we would treat suede. We don’t believe in a single cleaning technique to fit all.

Types of Upholstery We Clean

Leather, Wool, Acrylic, Cotton, Polyester, Silk, Rayon, Linen, Olefin, Suede, Microfiber

Our Prices

*$125 Minimum Service Required.


Sectional Couch (U-Shape)



Sectional Couch (L-Shape)



Sectional 3 Seats – Chaise



Sectional 2 Seats – Chaise






Love Seat



Sofa & Love Seat



Chaise Lounge









Arm Chair



Dinning Chair


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Ashley Whitehill

He was absolutely amazing!! Very helpful and gave us tons of advice for our new home. He is literally a magician and made our old looking carpet look much better. We are excited to move into our home now that 2M carpet cleaning made our home much cleaner and prettier.

Loretha Simon

2M provided not only provided great service but they were customer friendly and efficient. They placed guards under my furniture legs which I really appreciated since they were called because the A/C unit overflowed and soiled the carpet and damaged the dresser legs. Now everything is Clean & Fresh and my standard of living is restored. Thanks 2M 👍

Tiffany Kendall

Job was very responsive & professional. He and his team did a fantastic job and he took the time and explained all the steps they take to get the results they get. He was very kind. Definitely worth it. I highly recommend 2M!

Lelani Castro

2M carpet cleaners are knowledgeable and professional. They did a great job on my rugs, upholstery and kitchen tiles. I was very pleased with their services and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a thorough cleaning solution.


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