Tile & Grout Cleaning

Over time we have seen how difficult it is for people to keep their floors clean and it’s almost an impossible task to do properly. Many homeowners attempt this with homemade products or watching a DIY tutorial. Only they achieve less than desirable results. 2M Carpet Cleaning tile & grout cleaning team is highly qualified and has extensive experience when it comes to the proper cleaning and care of your hard surfaces.

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Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

If you have high-traffic, hard-topping tiles at home or work, then you know the struggle of keeping grout lines and tile looking clean. This is why many people don’t bother with professional tile cleaning even though they can be a great help in maintaining a cleaner environment.

Here are some advantages that you should consider when getting tile & grout cleaning:

1. They have superior equipment. They have tile and grout cleaning machines that deep clean tile and grout lines more effectively than you ever will.

2. Professional tile and marble floor cleaners like 2M Carpet Cleaning usually use tile and grout cleaners that break away ground-in grime, grease, and dirt while also keeping tiles looking newer longer.

3. It’s more economical in the long run. That’s because if you don’t clean tile often enough then there will be a build-up of tile grime and tile cleaning will take much longer. It also becomes more time-consuming because tile maintainer needs to scrub harder, eventually causing tile damage if they rub too hard for too long.

7. It’s efficient and thorough. You may still need to give tile a quick once over with your mop or vacuum cleaner after the tile cleaners leave, but this is because they are only human, not because of their lack of skill or diligence on the job.

tile & grout cleaning

Hard Surfaces



We accompany the client to view all the areas that need to be cleaned. We identify the condition of your floors and evaluate the grout conditions in order to determine what our cleaning procedure will be.


Apply Cleaner

We apply one of our specialized cleaners. We have a large range of products that provide phenomenal results. Our cleaners are fast acting and prep the floor for agitation.



We have several difference pieces of equipment in order to be prepared for any situation. Normally, we use a CRB machine, but will also use high powered polishers for larger areas. For the hard to reach places, we use a manual hand brush to ensure no area goes untouched.


Rinse and Extract

With our high-powered portable extraction machines, we use our rinsing solution to neutralize the pH of the cleaning agent. Simultaneously, we extract all the dirt and grime from the floor.



To complete the cleaning process, we use our high-speed commercial air mover fans to ensure that your floors are 100% dry and ready to walk on.


Final Inspection

Once the job has been completed, we will walk through with the customer to ensure that they are satisfied and answer any last questions.

Tile Cleaning & Grout Sealing

Our recommendation is to protect your floors against daily traffic. To do this, you will need to seal your grout lines. This will prolong the floor life and keep it from resoling for quite some time. If you do not do this each time you have your floors cleaned, you run the risk to permanently damage or change the color of your floors.

Our Prices

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Patricia Bido
Patricia Bido
I truly recommend 2M carpet cleaning, they are very professional, quick & efficient, the price is great and the results amazing 🤩 👏
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Anthony Rojas
This is the third time I have use this business and just as happy as the other times. Recommend to anyone ! They know what they are doing ! I will continue on using for my future needs !
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Marge Zerbe
John & and crew are wonderful. Would not use anyone else
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Lorraine Cruz
They did a great job with my rugs, they were on time and very professional. Thanks John.
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Artem Bedunkevich
Great guys and great quality
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Pedro Sanchez
They do an amazing job cleaning carpets, they will be mi first choice for cleaning services, great job🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👍