Carpet Cleaning Deland FL

2M Carpet Cleaning is a family-owned carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning company in Deland, FL. We offer professional services for residential and commercial customers that need furniture, floor and carpet cleaning Deland FL. Our carpet cleaner technicians are trained to clean any type of carpets, furniture and floors using the best products on the market to create a healthy home environment and beautiful look for their clients.

For years we have been providing excellent service with competitive rates. We offer our customers free estimates on any project they may need done. We provide the best customer service with an emphasis on quality workmanship for your home or office.


Deland is a small city, located in the north of Orlando and in the south of Daytona Beach, in the state of Florida. The Blue Spring State Park has water sanctuary with lousy trees surrounding it adds much to the beauty of the park. Similarly, De Leon Springs State Park is famous for its lush grounds which enchant the locals and visitors for outdoor activities. Hontoon Island is a piece of land surrounded by St John River and the Hontoon Dead River making it an adventurous spot for the visitors. People get the chance to enjoy horseshoeing, fishing, camping, cycling and many more things. This small city is home to thousands and Carpet Cleaning Deland is here to serve the people of Deland. Carpet Cleaning Deland is common, but we use latest information and technology to make the carpet new and use-able again. Upholstery cleaning Deland is one call away from our clients. Cleanliness makes a house attractive and it pleases the eyes of the dwellers and visitors. To make the walls and floor of a house more attractive without renovating it, Tile Cleaning Deland is offering it services at affordable prices. Moreover, tiles after rough use develop fissures and drains in the water which decrease the life of tiles.  Grout Sealing Deland will fix the tiles and make it long-lasting. Also, Commercial Cleaning Deland offers its services to disordered offices and shops. Our team will put things in order skillfully at low charges. Our team will make efforts to make the space stunning and satisfy the demand of our clients.

carpet cleaning deland fl

Carpet Cleaning Deland FL

Our team of experts has all the knowledge about carpet cleaning than any other. They know how to clean your Carpets with advanced techniques which are eco-friendly to everything. We will restore every single inch of your carpets into its brand new condition.

Our UV light inspection allows us to locate and identify the areas where those contaminants are hiding. Next we apply a special enzyme product to eliminate, contaminate and directly attack the bacteria that causes the foul smell. We saturate the area with the appropriate amount and wait for a significant dwell time for the product to break down the stain.

Now it is time to extract using a sub-floor extraction tool with high power suction to ensure that the extraction happens from deep down at the pad. Lastly, we apply a neutralizing agent and rinse the entire area. Once all the contamination has been extracted, we make sure to dry the area well to avoid leaving any kind of residue.

Upholstery Cleaning Deland FL

Children, pets and daily wear all play an important role in the care of your furniture and sometimes it can be a challenging task to keep them clean or like new. With our multi-step upholstery cleaning method, we make sure to remove undesirable contaminants, stains and soils to leave your upholstery clean and fresh.

Upholstery and furniture should be cleaned every 12 to 24 months with normal use. When upholstered fabrics have not been maintained, they may need a more aggressive (restorative) cleaning to make them suitable for daily use again.

Tiles & Grout Cleaning Deland FL

Over time we have seen how difficult it is for people to keep their floors clean and it’s almost an impossible task to do properly. Many homeowners attempt this with homemade products or watching a DIY tutorial. Only they achieve less than desirable results. It also wears on their joints, knees and back to finish a small area. Our Tile Cleaning team is highly qualified and has extensive experience when it comes to the proper cleaning and care of your hard surfaces.

We offer a more encouraging solution with a tile cleaning system specialized to remove dirt and grease that has accumulated over the years. We restore your floors to look and smell new. In addition, we offer a grout sealing service to protect and help your floors remain cleaner longer.

Commercial Cleaning Deland FL

When it comes to commercial cleaning, e.g. the appearance of your office or workplace, cleanliness is everything. It speaks volumes on how well you run your company. Customers will judge your capacity to effectively help them with their needs based on how clean your commercial space is. In fact, your sales and potential investment can be reduced if your place of business is unclean.

Our flexible days and nights allow us to come in and clean without disturbing any staff during work hours. Our ability to effectively clean your carpets, hard surfaces and upholstery will ensure that you have a safe and healthy working environment.

2M Carpet Cleaning has been growing in popularity for commercial cleaning services because of its capability to provide quality commercial cleaning services that help commercial establishments increase their productivity and profits. Our commercial cleaning service cuts down on the expenses made on operating a commercial office or an establishment overall. Keeping these areas clean will help in maintenance of comfort, health and hygiene and general productivity of commercial establishments. Aside from regular commercial cleaning for office buildings, we can also clean public areas such as parks, restaurants and schools/universities.

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